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Ideas, tools, and coaching to support leaders and their companies during period of change and newness.

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How You Navigate the Early Stages of a Growth Chapter Can Make or Break Success.

Whether you’re new in your leadership role, your company just got acquired, or you’re in the midst of transition of another sort, you need momentum.

Trouble is — change is tough. And too often, when leaders try to go it alone in those crucial early stages when momentum is key, they spin their wheels. And, it can cost them big time.

Get the Spark you need to avoid:

Missed Opportunity Dan Cremons Leadership Coaching

Missed Opportunities

The world is moving quickly. Speed and momentum matter. And you need to capitalize now.

Sluggish Growth Dan Cremons Leadership Coaching v

Sluggish Growth

It can feel like your car is stuck in second gear, while your competitors are shifting into fifth.

Diluted Impact Dan Cremons Leadership Coaching Leadershop Development v

Diluted Impact

Less growth equals less of the type of impact you’re trying to have on the world.

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Here’s how I can help leaders like you.

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The Executive Catalyst Dan Cremons About Personal Photo
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Hello there! I’m Dan Cremons.
The Executive Catalyst.

My friends call me DC. What’s the “Executive Catalyst” all about?

Well, sparking extraordinary growth in leaders, their teams, and their companies — especially those in crucial transitional moments — is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s what lights me up. It’s my jam.

Why? To accomplish big, important things, the world needs leaders who are on-fire.

I have spent my career working with growth-stage companies—as a CEO, executive, private equity investor, board member, and coach.

My mission is simple: to bring other growth-stage leaders like you the stuff you need to build momentum, inspire followership, and deliver amazing growth. Especially in those key transformational moments when you most need a spark.

Hello! It’s great to e-meet you.

Since you asked, here are 12 things you may want to know about me.

My Professional Truths

DC Pic for Website Professional

My six core values are persistence, possibility, creativity, humor, learning, and candor.


What’s toughest for me as a leader is managing my longstanding battle with perfectionism, slowing down to celebrate progress, and being more vulnerable with my teams. 


I’m in my element when I’m learning from, teaching, coaching, and collaborating with like-minded leaders who want to grow.


What lights me up? Seeing other leaders catch-fire… and playing a role in helping enable them to do that.


People who work with me experience support, drive, lots of questions, candor, energy, and the occasional long email. (Their words, not mine.)  


Others have told me I’m great at getting more than people think they have to give, bringing teams together, and creating clarity and vision from confusion and messiness.

My Personal Truths


As much as I love people and connection, I am an introvert and need alone time. Silence centers me, and is my secret weapon for getting things done.


I have an unhealthy obsession with Mexican food. Don’t ask me how many days in a row I ate a burrito when I first moved to San Francisco. (Hint: It rhymes with “shirteen”)


I’m a total early-morning person. (Read: Don’t ever try to schedule a dinner that goes past my 9:00 bedtime.)


My wife thinks I have way too many guitars. I disagree. There’s no such thing as too many guitars. #AgreeToDisagree


I once beat the world record for most diamond pushups in a minute until it got broken again 19 days later (cue the sad trombone).


I make crazy-good homemade pizza, but manage to mess up just about every other dish I try to make. My wife says its because I don’t follow directions well. #Truth.

DC Pic for Personal Site

Become the type of leader who gets the best out of your people.

The research is clear: most leaders aren’t getting the best out of their people, and it costs them—and their companies—greatly.

But what if you could get 50% more out of your people, and help them fall in love with their work?

You may be one simple, but powerful conversation away.

I Am Focused on Helping Leaders and Their Companies Accelerate in Times of Transition.

Here are the kind of leaders who I serve best:

First Time

Deliver Growth Dan Cremons New Managers


Deliver Growth Dan Cremons Newly Forming Teams

Newly Forming

Deliver Growth Dan Cremons Executives New Jobs

Executives Starting
New Jobs


Dan Cremons First Time CEO Successful confident Business wommen

First-Time CEOS

It can be lonely at the top. But I’ve got your back.

You’re a first-time CEO and all eyes are on you. This is the first time you’ve had a growth target on your back. It is the first time you have had to manage a board. There are lots of firsts… and there’s a lot riding on this!

I have been there. But the good news is: you don’t have to go it alone. From making a good first impression on day 1 to clarifying and casting your vision and strategy for your company, to balancing stakeholder needs, I help new CEOs to build confidence, generate momentum, and win big.

“This CEO stuff is hard, but man is it rewarding. And it has been so much more rewarding and confidence-inspiring having you in my corner. Thank you for all of your guidance and support over the years. You’ve had a huge impact on helping me to navigate the choppy waters of my first CEO gig with poise, humility, confidence, and courage… and grow a ton along the way.”


First Time CEO

Dan Cremons New Managers leader leading corporate

New and Rising Managers

You got the promotion. Now what?!?

Congratulations! You’re on the leadership track (and your parents are very proud of you!). But the skills that got you here are not the same skills that will make you successful in this role.

I help new and rising leaders like you to go farther, faster in your new role. 

I’m here to help you learn the tools and build the confidence that you have what it takes. Because you do.

“Thanks for helping me expand my skills as a manager and leader. I am also grateful for the time we have spent finding my unique leadership edge, my Blue Flame, as you call it. It has really strengthened my leadership (my team has noticed!), and changed my life.”


New “Rising Star” Manager

Dan Cremons New Forming Leaderships business achievement corporate success of teamwork

Newly-Forming Leadership Teams

Get aligned. Get focused. And win as one. 

“Alone we can do so little… but together we can do so much.”

You have a squad chock full of talented leaders. But what you REALLY need is a well-oiled, highly-functioning team that is tightly in-sync.

When leadership teams aren’t fully in-sync, growth can sputter, and frustration can swell. 

I help leadership teams to get aligned, get focused, and win as one. 

“You helped our team get on the same page like we never have before! With your help, we’ve broken down silos, started enjoying working together and collaborating, gotten aligned on where we’re trying to go together, and are starting to have the results to show for it!”

~Senior Leadership Team

Dan Cremons young businessman transitioning executives

Executives Starting a New Job

Tough to win the race without a strong start.

You just landed a new leadership role, and you want to rock it!

But you know that you need to nail the first 90 days to have long-term success in the role. After all, first impressions matter. 

Without an intentional transition, new leaders like you can find themselves wandering into their new leadership role like a drunk monkey at a funhouse – unbalanced, distracted, and aimless.

I help transitioning leaders to launch into their new role with confidence, clarity, and a plan…or, as I call it, get “Ready for Liftoff!”

“Thank you again for all your support, coaching, and candid advice – the mentorship you provided was invaluable as I got ready to make a splash in my new role. The session we did on getting Ready for Liftoff helped me to get off to a much stronger start in my new role!”

~First-Time CEO

Dan Cremons Business Owner Planning For Sale

Growth-Stage Investors

Unlock people-powered performance.

We’re living in a new era of investing in which mid-market PE & VC investors recognize that talent and leadership are at the heart of portfolio value creation.

But without an intentional talent and leadership strategy, investors find that precious time can get wasted, growth can stall out, and returns can suffer. 

Through my advisory firm, Accelera Partners, I help talent-focused investors to win big through amazing people and transformative leadership. 

“I really appreciate all that you did to get us ready to sell, and help get my deal across the finish line. You are an exceptional investor and “deal” guru, and helped us craft a story that really resonated with buyers! I couldn’t have done it without you.”


Growth-Stage CEO



There are three ways I work with growth-stage leaders like you.

Dan Cremons

Live Leadership

One-on-one and team coaching for leaders and teams who are ready to kick growth into a new gear.

DC Website Product Lineup

Tools & Resources for   Growth-Stage Leaders

Research-backed, expert-endorsed, and battle-tested books, resources, and online courses to help elevate your leadership and ignite your company’s growth.

Accelera Partners

Services for
Growth Investors

Helping investors to accelerate people-powered performance. Talent assessment, alignment, and acceleration for ambitious growth-stage companies.


Ready to Ignite but don’t know where to start?

Tools to Spark Your Leadership Growth

Blue Flame Book Activation Course DanCremons


Transform Your Leadership. Ignite Your Team.

What if you could get 50% more out of your team, and help them fall in love with their work?

You may be one simple, but powerful conversation away.

Who it’s for: For Leaders at all levels


Get Focused. Get Aligned. Grow Faster.

A proven playbook and expert coaches to help growth-stage leadership teams get aligned and grow faster. Accelerated growth could be 90 days, 6 questions, and one sheet of paper away.

Who it’s for: For Leadership Teams and Investors.
Resources Proven Growth Playbook Dan Cremons Questions
Ready for Liftoff Learning resources Dan Cremons


Hire better. Win Faster. 

Smart leaders recognize that having the right people in the right roles is critical to success. But research shows us that 50% of hires are mistakes.

Hire To Win helps leaders hire better, and win faster. 

Who it’s for: Hiring managers and HR professionals
Catalyst Dan Cremons significant change to happen more quickly

Catalyst (noun)

cat-uh-list | ˈkæt(ə)lɪst/

An agent that enables significant change to happen more quickly.

Insights & Ideas to Spark Real Leadership Growth.